It is probably best to say that we have been so involved with our lives and less into cooking.  In the past few weeks we have flown to the East Coast for my bother’s 50th birthday, experienced the hurricane, visited with some friends that I haven’t seen in years and that my husband has never met!  Going back to New Jersey has made it very clear to me…I need to get “home” more often!!!

Okay, so we get back to California…back to work and the daily schedule we call our routine….everything is going along as we think it should,,,,and then the unexpected happens….my car starts acting strange.  On the way home from work on Thursday night…it starts making noises  that no car should make.  We are talking about noises that a 747 shouldn’t be making!  I am on the freeway and not sure what to do…so I slow down and drive all the way home.  The next day AAA comes out to tow the car to the shop and guess what?,,,,(to make a LONG story short)…I need to find a new car!

Chris and I drive onto the lot of Pacific Nissan in Pacific Beach and we are met by George one of the salesmen there, after a test-drive in a Nissan Versa we were so sure that this is the car for us!  The folks at Pacific Nissan were so helpful, not once did we feel pressured into anything and so informative that they took the anxiety of the previous days away!!

Well I am so happy to inform you all that I am now the Proud owner of a Nissan Versa!!  It is so comfortable, handles well, has so much room inside,….did I mention how cute it is?  I would certainly recommend Pacific Nissan to anyone looking for a new car!