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So Chris and I are going back to New Jersey, My Brother Danny is turning 50!

Wow! Where has the time gone? My brother  Danny is going to be 50 years old!  How can this be?  Wait a minute,,,he’s younger than me! Wow, I feel as if I am about thirty-something.  Well, the truth is, he is going to be 50 and I can’t wait to go back and celebrate his “Special Event” with him! I am looking forward to not only spending time with him and my family, but also visiting some of the Great restaurants on the East Coast!  Upon my return, I will be highlighting some of the places in which we have eaten. One of the things that I am so looking forward to is the Pizza.  Let’s face it, most of  the Pizza on the East Coast is sooo much better than what we can get here in California, I should know, I grew up in New Jersey! And I am no stranger to New York Pizza!

So Chris and I have two more shifts to pull, and it’s off to the East Coast to Celebrate Dan’s Special Event!  My sister-in-law is having a company come in to turn the house into a casino, card tables and games…not sure of all of the specifics, but I do know that it will be so much fun!

I have been so busy with work lately, but now I have to shift gears and get ready to go on our trip.  I don’t know what to make for our dinner tomorrow? Well, I have some of that chicken left from the Chicken that I baked the other day,,,remember?  I put it in the freezer!  How perfect, see what I meant about the Chicken and how much you can  do with it? Okay, so tomorrow I think I will saute some garlic, add the leftover chicken, and some brown rice with a vegetable. Wow, sounds almost like a new recipe…..