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Fiesta Celebration Santa Barbara

It has been very quiet around here I haven’t posted anything recently…I’m back!  Chris and I recently went to visit my son and his girlfriend in Santa Barbara and enjoyed the Fiesta Celebration which is a tradition that has continued for over 85 years.  It was started in 1924 by some old-time families who were looking for opportunities to perform and preserve the unique “Spanish California” songs and dances of the nineteenth century.  These families missed the warm intimate feeling of the sleepy little pueblo before the arrival of the Yankees which began the transition of Santa Barbara into a bustling American small town.

During our visit we had the opportunity of visiting the Mission Santa Barbara which is still active today for Mass, Weddings, festivals and various activities.  Since my husband and I were married (almost four years ago)  we decided to make it a “mission” to visit all of the Missions in California.  So far we have visited a few others, San Juan Bautista and San Juan Capistrano, to name a few…so now I can cross Santa Barbara off  my list!