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Grilled Portobello Mushrooms…Super Easy and Light!

Grilling Vegetables can be a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy this summer. And the Portobello Mushroom is one of the best things to grill along with your vegetables. Portobello Mushrooms are often called the Steak of the Vegetables and can be a great meat substitute, full of flavor, packed with nutrients, low in calories and, well… just plain delicious! I like to rinse the mushroom and brush them with olive oil just before placing them on the grill.
Salt and Pepper sprinkled to taste
Garlic powder
and another drizzle of olive oil
Place mushrooms directly onto grill paying attention not to burn
Turn once, your muchroom should be semi soft
Remove mushroom from grill and brush them once again with olive oil and sprinkle with fetta cheese and more garlic
Return them to the grill and let cook aprox 4 more minutes
Grilled Mushrooms are excellent on a whole wheat bun with your favorite low calorie salad dressing
garnish with letuce, tomato, onion…go ahead be creative!
They can be brushed with your favorite BBQ sauce as well during the grilling process