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NARRAYA. This Thai restaurant is marvelous!!!

We were off from work this evening and I was just too tired to cook…is it the weather?… it the lack of sleep from last night….is it the fact that it’s been so busy at work?….maybe I’m getting old??? 
well whatever the reason, this women was not cooking tonight!!  THAI FOOD SOUNDED SO GOOD!!
Chris and I stopped into NARRAYA in PACIFIC BEACH.
they are located on Garnet and Mission boulevard
I must share with you all that the food is wonderful, we chose our food to go so I could relax, but for the few minutes that we were there….the staff was very friendly and hospitable.
The food was so good!  HOT POT OF MIXED SEAFOOD SOUP was delicious the fish is super fresh!
The portions were adequate,  this is a great place to bring out of town guests!!
If you ever have the opportunity to visit Pacific beach I would like to suggest that you try NARRAYA!!!
Next time…we will eat there!  In one of the dining rooms, you can sit on the floor!  That looks like fun!
This week would be a great time to try NARRAYA because they are having a special promotion for the week….buy one, get one free… think about it, “Great just got better”!!


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