To put is in simple terms, I love to cook! I am a nurse who loves healthy eating, and enjoys sharing my passion for food with others! Please allow me to share some of my recipes with you, some have been with me since childhood.. and yet others are my own creations, just because I like to “experiment” with new tastes and spices. So please allow me to share some of my food ideas with you and your family! It really doesn’t take much time to make a really wonderful meal! Most of the recipes that I will share with you are Quick, Easy and inexpensive. Perfect for a meal at home alone, or to share with guests. Simplicity is key here and let’s face it…Eating right should be easy and something that comes as second nature to us.

My focus these days is Low Calorie, and Easy, I am attempting to incorporate an exercise program into my daily routine….Okay well like I said I’m “Attempting”, I’ll get there! At this point, I make it at least 4 times a week, so that’s a start, right?


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  1. Okay so I had this bottle of wine with the grilled salmon with basil and mint:
    2009 D’Antiche Terre Sannio Falanghina – Dry white wine from Italy.
    Falanghina is an ancient variety, traces of which were identified for the first time about two centuries ago in the Sannio. It ‘a pale yellow color with greenish reflections; the fragrance has a fruity elegant with hints of apple, banana, pineapple, the taste is dry, fresh and velvety. Serving suggestions are the appetizers and first courses of fish, seafood salad, fried and grilled fish and vegetables.

    • Thank You Cammie!
      I am honored that you would give your input.!!! Your expert opinion about wines is always welcomed!! Please feel free to give suggestions about wine pearing with any of the recipes I post!

    • I have had some recent requests for your advice about wines and would like you to continue to provide suggestions when time permits. Thank you for your post!

  2. My Wine Broker…Cammie… could give anyone a suggestion about wines and she is the Best at what she does…

  3. I’m trying to be healthy too but I love that wine advice is included!

    • Well…I will admit that having a very good friend who just happens to be a wine broker by trade can be helpful when deciding what wines to pick! Thank you for your comment, I will be adding wine suggestions with future recipes.

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