Gazing In

Alistaire turned 6 months old yesterday:

I can’t believe that much time has gone by already. 6 months? He is a big boy, he was 28″ long and 19 pounds at his checkup and is starting an “army crawl”. He so badly wants to keep up with Walker.

And finally I am seeing a change in his skin. I have mentioned before just how bad his eczema was. It was REALLY bad. I used the prescription ointment his Doctor prescribed just enough to calm his skin down. His face looked sunburnt from the red skin, he always had chapped skin. On his face, neck, head, arms, chest…everywhere.Once I got his skin healed I changed his body wash/shampoo. We were already using Aveno unscented for eczema but even that was too harsh. I was approached My True Nature about their products. At this point I figured I had little to lose – everything…

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