Katie at the Kitchen Door

I’ve been dragging my feet on a lot of things lately, including, as you may have guessed, blogging.  It doesn’t really make sense to be having a burnt-out period now, as I don’t have that much going on to be burnt out from.  My current project is fairly boring, I don’t have any trips or major events planned for the next several weeks, and I’m just kind of doing the lazy summer thing.  Maybe that’s the problem – does inspiration beget more inspiration?  Or maybe it’s just a phase.  Or the heat.  In any case, I find myself mostly wanting to read and eat takeout and get 8 hours of sleep and stalk people on facebook, and not so much wanting to go to the grocery store and plan meals and turn on the oven.

I’m sure I’ll get my groove back in the next week or two, but in…

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