I have been doing this South Beach Diet for four days now and I feel GREAT!  I have so much more energy than I did before and I don’t feel hungry a bit!  Now I will tell you that a large part of this energy has come from the fact that I am staying hydrated with plenty of water.  Water is a major part of the success of any weight loss plan.  Our body is made up of aprox. 75% water and without it we can’t maintain our needed energy level.   Our brains can mistake dehydration for hunger, which is why it is important to drink aprox. 8 oz. of water before meals…thereby allowing our body the needed hydration without the unwanted calories.

Another thing to remember….Once you begin to eat… takes your brain about 20 minutes to feel satisfied, so, eating more slowly will help you to consume fewer calories,  think about how much you can put into your mouth in 20 minutes…..that could be a lot more calories than you really need!!!

So my goal for this day is to eat more slowly, and eat only what my body needs!!!

Again, today is still my phase 1 of South Beach….so… carbs yet!!!!  Wow!!!  I have gone this long without the thing that I thought I couldn’t do without……CARBS!!!!!!

This is really an amazing journey for me…..I hope you are joining me on this healthy adventure!!!  If you are, I would love to hear from you!!!

Let me know how you are doing, post some of your experiences!  I look forward to your reply!!


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