Ok, so you all know that I have spoken about weight loss and getting into shape before.  Well the truth is, I have been going about this all wrong, because I haven’t made a clear-cut plan for my goal…..that is until now!  I have decided that in order to reach my goal for losing weight, I need a plan that I can stick to without stringent rules and restrictions.   The plan is the South Beach Diet.  I have seen the results of this plan in real life.  My friend Phoebe who had a baby just 13 months ago looks amazing because of it.  Her husband James with whom I work, also in great shape, so I thought,” why not try this for myself”.  I gave it a lot of consideration , looked over the plan and decided that it is something that I can do because it allows you so many foods without all of the restrictions.  The diet consists of three phases.  Phase 1 is somewhat a detox. 

While most of the recipes that I have been sharing with you all have been very healthy and nutritious, they have consisted of a lot of carbs so now what I will attempt to do is share recipes that will contain less.

So for more information on the diet and recipes I will encourage you to check it out for yourself.  Go to

for recipes I will encourage you to go to Kalyn’  this site will give you very good recipe ideas for all three phases and foods to enjoy, as well as avoid.

In the very near future…I will be posting recipes that I have tried or food suggestions and ideas that will help if you too decide to join me on the journey.

For now let me just give you an update on my success…Today was day one!!!!!  Yes….the hardest day!!  Today I made the decision to START!!!!! I had no trouble at all.  I got up this morning and put a chicken in the oven to roast so that I would have plenty of protein to eat if I got hungry.  I had plain non-fat yogurt with a hard-boiled egg and coffee for breakfast.  Worked out at the gym for 45 minutes before work, drank plenty of water.

Lunch consisted of cottage cheese, celery sticks with humus and tomato juice.

Dinner was chicken breast, pinto beans, salad, cucumbers with humus….but I couldn’t finish all of my dinner because I was so full from all that I had eaten during the day!!  I felt so energetic because I had no carbs to make me feel sluggish!!!  Really!!!  Oh,,,and let me tell you, I am so looking forward to tomorrow.   I am on my way to my new goal.!



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