The Whaley House in Old Town San Diego…..Americas most haunted!!!





Well this has been a great day so far!!!!  My youngest son Sky and his girlfriend Claudia got here last night from Santa Barbara for the weekend and I am so excited to see them…it’s been over a month since our last visit..too long for sure, but with school and work schedules it can be tough to get together more often.
Claudia has been so excited to visit the whaley house in old town.  It is the most haunted houses in the country……or so the story goes……the lot where the house stands now was once where the gallows for San Diego was…and they say that 12-13 people were hung on that site.  The last person to be hung was a “botched hanging” in that it didn’t go as planned and it took too long for him to die.  As the story goes, his ghost haunts the house until this day!
One of the other uses for this property in the 1800’s was the courthouse, and the morgue!!  <
No wonder this house is said to he haunted!! If you have the opportunity to visit old town San Diego…this is a must visit!!


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