Fiesta Weekend Santa Barbara California…This weekend!!

This weekend marks the 225th anniversary of the Mission Santa Barbara! I am so happy to tell you all that my husband Chris and I will be joining my son Schuyler and his girlfriend Claudia on this special event!!
Schuyler and Claudia go to school in Santa Barbara and we have the opportunity of joining them there for the celebration this weekend which will include a parade down State Street… A street festival…A tour of the Mission Santa Barbara…and I am sure a trip to the beach for some surfing if the guys have anything to do with it!..
.Well the main thing is that this will be an amazing weekend filled with lots of fun! There will be a lot of good food…not sure if I will be cooking it or just eating it, but either way, you will hear about it!
Santa Barbara is home to some wonderful winerys, (have you seen the movie sideways)..? If not I would recommend it! very entertaining! Well anyway, since the area is so known for its wonderful wines,,,I’m sure that I’ll have to taste a few and give my perspective…I mean, that would only be the polite thing to do, right??


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