Off from work this evening… I am going to the Farmer’s Market!

So I am so excited to tell you that a new Farmer’s Market has begun in my town! Farm Fresh ingredients are very special and most important in healthy cooking. While shopping in the grocery store, I try to buy organic produce…but I try to buy from the Farmer’s Market when I’m able to.
My recipe for tomorrow will no doubt be something really special, easy and of course contain farm fresh ingredients!!! I can hardly wait to see what they have in store for me to cook!
It might sound funny, but I actually dream about cooking…no really…I do! My dreams usually consist of gatherings with friends and family while we are enjoying meals together.. Some of my dreams are from memories from the past, like special holidays with family and friends, while others are just what I can make for my sweetie…(my Husband Chris). Most mornings I wake up and while I am having my coffee and even before making breakfast, I am putting together the ingredients for our dinner.
Since cooking allows me to create and be creative…I like to look at cooking as an art form, my canvas being the empty pan, bowl, pot, or chopping board. The medium would be the ingredients and spices that I use. I happen to be very artistic…I just can’t draw a straight line… So, food works for me!
Now that my day is almost over my work day complete…I look forward to another chance for inspiration…another recipe that I can create…or as often happens a cooking show that will inspire my imagination to put together yet another yummy meal!


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