This Weekend was very Special!!

Okay so this past weekend was our weekend off from work and we were sooo looking forward to it. My friend Gillian was coming to our house, along with my daughter Nicole…I have been longing to see both of them!
So here is a run down of the past weekend…Not exactly as I had planned,,,but oh so fun!
So I got home from work on Friday night at midnight..earlier than usual, and had a nice time with Gillian and Nicole…we were trying to catch up. Chris my husband came home and suggested that we go out and have a drink…okay so one drink at midnight can’t hurt,,,right? Well not if you’re not already exhausted,,,but oh well…so we went. One drink and a hot dog at the Silver Fox and we were Golden! Home for a good sleep!
Okay so now it is Saturday Morning and we need Breakfast…!!
One of my favorite places to eat either Breakfast or Lunch is Zanzibar on Garnet Ave. in Pacific Beach…The food is wonderful the staff is so friendly and warm,,,you will feel like you have gone to a friend’s house for Brunch!
After Brunch, we remember that the Sand Castle Competition is going on in Imperial Beach and we have never experienced it so…guess where we are going?
so we go to Imperial Beach to find that the Sand Castle exhibit doesn’t start until Sunday…and it is now only Saturday…well what do you do while in Imperial Beach on Saturday evening?…you sit and watch all of the people at the street fair of course,,,and that is what we did…for a while/
Okay so enough of this,,,it is now sunset and Comic Con is going on Downtown San Diego…let’s go home and change into something suitable…and see some sites in the City.
We went home, got some evening clothes on and went downtown to where the Comic con is going on. It is so exciting just to see all of the people out and about! We were able to spot a few celeb’s and a few very interesting street acts that were entertaining!!
Oh wow!! My cell phone is ringing…it is the Speakeasy…we had given our number earlier,,,now they have texted us and it is true…we have a table…at a Noble Experiment…a very cool SpeakEasy downtown San Diego!!! What a nice way to end the night! Downtown San Diego is home to a few Speakeasy’s…A Noble Experiment is just one of them…by invitation only…and very interesting…I will talk more about it in later posts…


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