Super excited for San Francisco!

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Okay so I have been working hard and deserve a break…I do have to admit that I have been trying to incorporate exercise into my daily routine but its not always that easy…just reducing my caloric intake, eating healthier, drinking plenty of water…I am down 4 pounds this week!!!  (I’m proud of myself)!!!   Today I’m tired and my muscles need to rest…so no workout I’ll just relax before work.

Which brings me to cooking!  Okay so I have to make dinner and today I need quick, easy, satisfying. …pasta tends to be one of the best comfort foods for me. So how about my cheese Tortellini with spinach? I have already shared this recipe with you guys…have you tried it yet?  I hope you do and feel free to let me know what you think.  This is the right dish for tonight since I need energy.
Have a great day!!


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